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Chiropractic Wellness Center Success Stories

Here a just a few things our practice members have to say about Dr. Doran and the results they’ve experienced after visiting Chiropractic Wellness Center…

I’ve had pellets before and they hurt like hell and took forever to heal. I was gun shy about getting pellets again from that experience, but decided to get it done. This time the procedure was quick and there was no pain during the procedure. The recovery was quick and I only had a week of mild discomfort – similar to a bruise. I will have no problem doing this again in the future.

James B.

The front office staff are excellent! I observed and experienced compassion, courtesy, and
kindness as I filled out some forms. My questions and concerns were addressed completely and professionally. My first appointment with the chiropractor was timely and effective plus the CWC offered other options for health and wellness treatment.

Mary D.

I am glad I decided to seek your services. The improvement exceeded my expectations. I shall return.

Jon C.

A wonderful practice both in the front office and in the back office. I am excited to continue my experience with everyone and have the utmost confidence that I will receive excellent care.

Pamela R.

I am so glad to have found this place!

Chelsea O.

Everyone in the office is wonderful!

Kristel C.

It was refreshing to have someone take the time out to really listen to my issues without feeling rushed. It was also great to be able to discuss any questions I had in more technical depth. I’m also impressed as to the many treatment options this office provides.

Bettina P.

Everyone was so accommodating, and kind – called on a Sunday, was seen the next day, and staff went out of their way to make sure I was good to go before leaving on a trip.

Lorez M.

Love how I was greeted and the care I received was the best. Tammy is amazing!

David L.

Dr Doran and staff are a pleasure to deal with and have great services in house that I can take advantage of.

Dylan G.

Dr. Jim has a ‘trust’ factor like no other! He is a very caring and compassionate physician! I should know! My family and I have been coming to see him for 13 years now and never a regret!

Cathy C.

At this point of my experience I am very pleased. I am feeling better already and it is a pleasure to be able to communicate with Dr. Doran and receive the answers I need. I would recommend my family and friends without reservation. Thank you for making my visits so comfortable and informative. I have confidence I will recover and feel better than ever.

Nancy P.

Everyone on staff was very professional as they held a helpful and caring demeanor. My visit was quick and the Dr. James Doran jumped right into working the exact areas causing my problems. Overall, it was a great experience and I look forward to my next visit to further my wellness.

Chad C.

When you receive a diagnosis of breast cancer, your priorities in life change. You begin to surround yourself with the best doctors: ones that have skill, knowledge and compassion to help you through the toughest and darkest time of your life. Even with the best Oncologist and Surgeon, you still search for help. That is where Dr. Jim Doran and his Chiropractic Wellness Center entered my life. With exceptional knowledge of the human body and mind, Dr. Doran’s caring nature sets him apart from conventional treatments. Through chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture, I was able to work throughout my treatments and bounce back to my same old self. Life is about caring for your mind, body and soul and I entrusted mine to Dr. Doran. For me personally, I could not have made a better decision.

Lindajo D.

Dr. Doran has a gentle touch and has been the only doctor to really help. I have been coming to Dr. Doran for years and will only see him.

Adria M.

Dr. Doran creates a very welcoming professional environment where I feel like I am known and treated perfectly for my needs. I believe Dr. Doran’s treatments continue to promote my overall well being.

Debbie G.

I have a scoliosis which was causing me a lot of pain and debilitation. I was depressed and hurting and couldn’t get through a day without drugs. I consulted with Dr. Doran who put me on a program of exercise, stretching, and regular adjustments. The program keeps the pain at a minimum. I rarely take medication now and can perform daily activities and participate in the sports I love.

Stacy H.

I was having problems with heartburn when I exercised. Dr. Doran helped me to get rid of that problem and I haven’t had it since.

Brian B.

I had neck and back pain for several years and after a few weeks of treatment from Dr. Doran I was feeling much better. I have fewer headaches and less pain. I look forward to feeling good all the time in the future.

Shannon K.

I have been having migraine headaches for many years and Dr. Doran has made them a thing of the past! I am enjoying my life more than ever now and doing things I hadn’t been able to do for months.

Farrah A.

I hurt my shoulder while lifting weights and Dr. Doran fixed it. He does a great job.

Thom T.

I had been suffering from low back pain for about nine months. I kept aggravating it by doing a lot of lifting improperly. With Dr. Doran’s guidance and adjustment I was feeling much better in a matter of a few weeks. I am now back in the gym and feeling healthier than ever. Dr. Doran’s knowledge of health and fitness has also helped me become healthier in all aspects of nutrition, weight training and aerobic exercise.

Ross F.

My lower legs hurt for years. Chronic I’d say. I’ve always been a bit skeptical of chiropractic. I am a firm believer now. Although it did take some time (a couple months, about 14 visits). At about one quarter of the way through treatment the pain moved to the middle lower and I thought “Oh great!” but Dr. Jim assured me that was normal and good. Now all the pain is gone. I feel great!

Myra F.

I have less pain and I am able to keep on doing the activities I enjoy.

Brandi B.

In 1986 I had surgery on my lower back to remove a ruptured disc and I have had back pain since then. However, these past few years the pain has increased to the point where I was taking pain pills everyday, resulting in stomach pain. So I came to Dr. Doran and after several visits, I noticed a definite decrease in the intensity of the pain. I started cutting the dosage of pain medication in half and now there are days that I don’t take any. I feel confidant that the day will come when my pain will be gone completely. I also had pain in my neck and across my upper back that has gone away since Dr. Doran has been treating me.

Karen F.

I have been suffering from migraine headaches for the last five years. They were infrequent at first but became more frequent as time went on. My migraines were completely debilitating and I was constantly paranoid I was going to encounter one. I watched what I ate and drank, stayed away from bright lights, reduced the stress in my life, anything that might be a trigger, I avoided. I tried numerous different kinds of medications, none helped but caused several other side effects. One day I decided the medications were only a preventative measure. (I was down to one migraine every 12 weeks) but I wanted a cure. I stopped taking my medication and got a migraine the next day – I was devastated! I went back on the medication and decided to see a chiropractor. I have been seeing Dr. Doran (my chiropractor) for a couple months now. I stopped taking my medication three weeks ago and have been migraine free. I am proud of myself for trying something I did not know anything about and am eternally grateful to Dr. Doran for helping me to find a cure. I am a true believer in chiropractic care.

Stephanie W.

I came to Dr. Doran and started feeling better immediately. I am now down to getting adjustments just when I really need them.

Maggie T.

When I walked into Dr. Doran’s office for the first time I was hunched over and in tremendous pain! Ever since, I have been fully functional and usually an adjustment relieves the pain.

Matt S.

By entrusting the care of you and your loved ones to us, you’ve made the right choice! Call our Denver chiropractic office today!


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